Which QR code scanner is suitable for embedding into medical vending machines?

self-service medical vending machines

As an extension of modern medical services, medical vending machines play an important role in providing convenient payment and settlement processes and purchasing medicines. The introduction of the QR code scanning module further improves the efficiency of medical services. After the embedded scanning module is installed, patients can scan barcodes, QR codes or medical insurance electronic vouchers on the medical vending machine to accurately verify their identity and quickly complete a series of medical service links such as payment and medical insurance settlement. This not only avoids the need to wait at the payment window The cumbersome process of queuing also saves time in the medical treatment process and improves the medical treatment experience. This is one of the reasons why many system integrators and hardware integrators will consider embedding scanning modules in medical vending machines.

There are so many QR code scanning modules on the market, how to choose a suitable embedded QR code scanner?

When choosing a QR code scanner suitable for embedding in medical vending machines, the first thing to consider is the decoding rate. An excellent scanning module should have the ability to scan quickly, which can speed up the patient’s payment process and improve overall efficiency. Secondly, reading accuracy is also a crucial factor. The high-precision scanning module can accurately read barcode or QR code information to avoid payment failure or information confusion due to scanning errors. Moreover, scanning sensitivity is also something that needs to be considered. Highly sensitive scanning modules can work normally under various lighting conditions, ensuring that patients can use them at any time. In addition, compatibility is also an important factor for medical vending machines. Choosing a scanning module with strong compatibility can better adapt to different types of one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, and various payment codes, ensuring that the functions of the medical vending machine are fully utilized.

It is worth mentioning that many medical vending machines currently on the market are embedded with relatively inferior QR code scanners, which have very low sensitivity and cannot be used in environments such as mobile phone screen reflections, color film, backlight or darker light. It can read QR codes on mobile phones normally, but the price with good scanning performance is too high. So many friends ask, which scanning module is better for embedding in medical vending machines? How to ensure scanning performance at an affordable price? As a leading brand in the barcode recognition industry and automatic identification technology, Shenzhen SNROTEK recommends the use of embedded EP8200 series QR code scanners.


This QR code scanning module uses self-developed intelligent core decoding technology to quickly read barcode information on mobile phone screens and paper documents. This code scanner is sensitive to code reading, supports secondary development, and can be perfectly embedded in various medical self-service terminals. The more efficient code scanning efficiency alleviates the current rapidly growing medical needs. In addition, because the EP8200 uses a unique two-dimensional reading engine, the scanning is fast and accurate. It is optimized for mobile phone screen code scanning, and will be more sensitive in scanning and identifying Alipay and WeChat payment codes. If you have needs for such applications, please call us for consultation. We can provide complete barcode recognition technology solutions and professional technical service support!



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